Posted by: cynchat | January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

I have annual customs for New Year’s Day!  Not resolutions.  I’ve only kept one of those that I can even remember.  It was a good one,,, to clean my glasses every morning when I did my makeup.  I still follow that one.

Somewhere along my life adventures, I’ve picked up the necessity to eat Black-eyed Peas for good luck on New Year’s Day.  That was probably when we had friends from Texas who also taught me the love of Cornbread Stuffing for Thanksgiving.  Anyway, on Facebook this morning I noticed that “some people” couldn’t find Black-eyed Peas at their grocery store because they were all gone!  That’s why it’s important to plan ahead!!

When I lived in Denver, I had an occasion to be browsing the shops downtown with an engineer I was dating.  He bought me a little pink Austrian Crystal pig with a cute little curly tail, and said the custom is to rub the belly of that pig on New Year’s Day for good luck.  I have always kept it close and made that an annual custom.  I treasure it!

No “resolutions” this year, just some “plans.”  Since I’m still alive and well on planet earth, I “plan” to enjoy every minute of every day this year, whatever I’m doing!   My body and mind will have to cooperate for me to work on and accomplish the things I’d “like” to do this year, like clean out my closets… REALLY clean out my closets.  And do a few projects in the yard.  Since it’s still winter, my closets are higher on “my list” for now.

I love Pinterest and I call it “furthering my education.”  I will continue pinning all sorts of amazing information to share.  I invite you to wander through my boards.  I rearrange them occasionally.

God bless America


God bless us all with a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016!



Posted by: cynchat | December 10, 2015

Countdown to Christmas!

Only 16 days right now!   Nobody wants to hear mention of Christmas  before Halloween.  So that leaves less than 60 days to prep for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  No wonder people are stressed!

Many of us start shopping much earlier, like September,,, or throughout the year to shop and create for Christmas.

We trained my kids when they were young to go to KS for Thanksgiving.  We took the relatives all their Christmas gifts, then we stayed home in CO for Christmas.  Time to put up the tree and start baking and finishing up for my own family after Thanksgiving.

Now with that custom established, my kids still come to KS for Thanksgiving, and I retired here.  SO the kids and I celebrate our family Thanksgiving and Christmas together.  Works out great since my grown kids live in different directions and have similar miles to come and meet here in the middle.  I am SO blessed!

Planning ahead for our activities, I created a couple new things for gifts this year.  One was Beard Cream for my son and son-in-law.  That was fun and if they like it I will probably make more.  Also, I made some perfume lockets.  Those turned out so well I ordered more lockets for people I will see here at Christmas.  Hopefully, those will all be treasured gifts.

I had also intended to make some soaps and skin care items, but haven’t gotten to that yet.  Those will probably be for next year – ha!  Probably a good thing because I recently discovered something I wanted to share with you if you were also considering soaps.  I purchased Amazon books with recipes.  There are many recipes, some even complicated, some with lye, some with goats milk, etc.   Many people sell beautiful bars on Pinterest.  It would probably be cheaper to just buy theirs than to try to make my own!!   HOWEVER, I recently discovered that I can purchase soap bases on Ebay in an affordable size that I can just melt as I desire and add color and fragrance and mold however I’d like.  Wa-la!  That is what I wanted to share with you!  The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way of all!

Now is a great time to take advantage of sales for gift NEXT year!

Merry Christmas!  God bless us all!!






Posted by: cynchat | November 8, 2015

Tis the Season!

Halloween past; now people are ready to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Many people start shopping in Sept. because it’s too expensive to do all the gift shopping the last two weeks.

I’ve now moved “Thanksgiving” to the top of my Pinterest boards.  After Thanksgiving I’ll move up Christmas and New Years.

There are TONS of gift ideas in “Free Things” and “Christmas.”  We all like to save money, and gift giving can be even more fun with a little creativity.

Our weather is still beautiful Indian Summer, and I’m relishing the colors.

Just wanted to let you know I’ve shuffled boards, and I’m sharing some awesome information.  Come see!

Enjoy the beauty of nature!


Posted by: cynchat | August 6, 2015

Back to School!

Still quite a few HOT days, but some lovely cooler ones, some rainstorms, and cooling down at nights.

As the seasons will be changing gradually, I’ve moved my summer Pinterest board down and “Autumn & Halloween” now tops my boards.  We look forward to Indian Summer, with the beautiful leaves.  We think up things to do with them, to preserve their beauty, and share them.

According to Family Feud, October is the biggest shopping ahead for Christmas month.  Even though we don’t like to see anything Christmas in the stores before Halloween, people are none the less thinking about it.  Keeping in mind it’s easier to plan ahead than to crash our finances.

I’m adding pins of things to make for gifts, always more recipes, cuteness and chuckles.

Treasuring the seasons,


Posted by: cynchat | June 25, 2015

On to Summer!

We’re through Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Father’s Day, and now on to the hot days of summer!

Many of my pins for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift ideas can be reworked for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I’m amazed how many people are pinning Christmas ideas.  BUT, it will be here before we know it!  With that in mind, I’m adding to my Christmas board now.  One worthy note – I for one, am intending to create soaps and lotions for gifts this year.  This morning I pinned very important information about what oils, or bases, to use for different things based on their purpose.  I pinned that to “Free Things” because we’ll need it for all seasons.

Sand Pudding – yes, it says Sand Pudding – was pinned to chuckles, just because I think it’s so funny to consider.  The pinner said her husband loved it.  I’m not surprised!

I haven’t rearranged my boards yet, but I will be moving “God Bless America!” to the top.  Enjoy your summer fun and cool delights.  God bless America!  [Jello shots are pinned too]

God bless us all,


Posted by: cynchat | May 27, 2015

Countdown to Christmas?

Amazingly, I’m re-pinning Christmas info!  Guess people are wanting to plan ahead… and that’s fine, I just wanted you to be aware that info is a real presence on Pinterest now.  Tons of recipes for soaps and lotions on “Free Things” board, as well as other gifting ideas.

Still time to get some ideas for Father’s Day, coming in June.  Still adding info to Mother’s Day board.  Some things can apply for both mothers and fathers.

School will be out soon. Family travels begin with Memorial Weekend.  Gardening and outdoor games are being pinned to “Free Things.”

I’m always adding recipes.  They go onto “Come to my kitchen” if it’s something I’m likely to want to make; onto “Free Things” if it’s a recipe I think others would enjoy, but I wouldn’t make.

Just wanted to blog an update!

Stay safe from the storms,


Posted by: cynchat | May 11, 2015

Will leave it for now –

Won’t move my “Mother’s Day” board of Pinterest until after Father’s Day, because some ideas can be used for either.

I really enjoyed Mother’s Day and grateful to treasure that day of love with my kids.

The weather is a concern all over.  The trees don’t know what to think!  I have seen snow as late as May 10th when we lived in Canon City, CO and snow broke the branches of our blooming cherry trees.  I have never seen hail as large as the 8″ that was reported in Colorado Springs, CO last week. There are tornado watches nearly every evening here in western KS, and some have hit in the surrounding states and SE part of KS with great damages.  It is the season for those, but this year is down right WIERD!

That’s all for now.  Walk heavy in the wind, and have a great week!


Posted by: cynchat | May 7, 2015

Mother’s Day –

Right around the corner.  If you haven’t yet planned for celebration of the woman who is the glue that holds your world together, you still have a couple days.  My Pinterest “Mother’s Day” board is loaded with suggestions and recipes, creative and fun ideas including simple projects to do with the kids.

Likewise, “Father’s Day” follows next month and that board is also loaded with ideas.  Gifts, cards, and wrappings that are easy for you to help the kids do.

We all enjoy being valued and appreciated!

THEN, after you have finished preparing to honor others,  you can treat yourself to a few ALCOHOL LOLLIPOPS!  That recipe is on the “Free Things” board.  You can use rum, tequila, schhnopps,,, or whatever your preference is.  Photo shows a few presentation for friends suggestions when we get to thanksgiving, for example.

There are new pins for planning your 4th of July cookout in “God Bless America”  Lots of new yard and garden ideas in “Free Things”

Go enjoy my pinterest boards!  See you there,


Posted by: cynchat | April 22, 2015

Crack Stuff –

Yes, I pinned crack stuff.  While waiting at the doctor’s office I was reading a magazine. There was a comment about the editor traveling to fun exotic places then notes that she relaxes at fashion shows and enjoys Momofuku Crack Cookies.  So I’m off and searching!  I was familiar with Momofuku’s Restaurant expensive dessert items… their Crack Pie reportedly sells for $44.  This must be information I needed immediately!  So I found BOTH of those recipes – FREE – with Pinterest.  They are now pinned to my Pinterest board “Come to my Kitchen”  AND as an added bonus I came across Anderson Cooper’s favorite cookie recipe, the “Compost Cookies” – also FREE recipe… now on that board also.  This one has even more “stuff” in it.  All three recipes look awesome and left me drooling, but not energetic enough to go to the kitchen and bake!  However, I have an excuse because I don’t have all the ingredients on hand right now.

Just as another fun note, I found a really cool fun treat to try!  Put a Rolo between two Ritz crackers and microwave just enough to melt the chocolate.  Oh, yum,,, I can hardly wait to get Rolos!

There are also pasta and crockpot recipes pinned to that board.  I must be hungry!!

Anyway, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are in the pre-planning now, so lots of new great ideas on those boards also.

I’m still wanting to “get a round tuit” [ha!] to work on my art projects, so lots of new tutorials have been pinned to “Free Things” and “Artistic Ideas.”

Before I was retired, I kept a Diary file online about things I learned that day with links of interest.  It was very valuable when we needed to remember when something happened or where we found an item we needed.  Several people I know do journal daily.  Actually, Pinterest is similar and works for me; I check my boards and Likes.

It’s beginning to look like spring!  So I’ve been lots of creative yard ideas – Free Things.

Whatever you are doing, treasure the experience!


Posted by: cynchat | March 28, 2015

Check ’em out!

Lots of new pins added to my pinterest boards!

Next event is April Fool’s Day.  That was my Daddy’s favorite day… great sense of humor.  The board has lots of ideas, for family, for friends, for co-workers, for you to do to fool the kids, and some the kids can do too.  Keeping it harmless, not too messy, and just plain spring fun.

Easter is April 5th, and that board has LOTS ideas.  You’ll find food and fun … games, creations, all sorts of ways to color eggs.  Recipes for cookies and goodies.  Easter is a great time to create family fun memories.  And most importantly, we remember the reason for the season.

Next occasions are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  I’m adding to those boards as I find valuable information for you.

March 22nd was the first day of spring!  We had a skiff of snow this morning, but expect temps in the 70’s tomorrow.  Have seen two flowering trees starting to bloom, but leaves on my oaks aren’t producing yet.

Abundantly blessed,

Cynthia Henningsen &/or CynChat (on Pinterest)

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