Posted by: cynchat | February 26, 2017


February nearly over, I’ve re-arranged my Pinterest Boards again.

St. Patrick’s Day board on top now, followed by April Fool’s Day, then Easter.

Will be adding new fun pins as I find them.

“Free Things” board is always a fun one with new pins.  Browse through all of them.

Remember, every day is one day closer to spring flowers!

God bless,


Posted by: cynchat | February 17, 2017

“Free Things”

Valentine’s Day is over now.  I most enjoy the day after, when chocolates go on sale!

I haven’t been on Pinterest as much.  The changes don’t allow me to see who is newly following one of my boards, so I can view their boards.  So I’m just searching for topics of interest to me now and pinning from those.  The info coming to me is often duplicate info I’ve pinned before.

So, right now, I’ve been researching new business info.  My daughter has just started selling a line of essential oils.  The product is great.  The company doesn’t seem to make it easy for her to build.  I have learned SO much the last few day about working at home!  If you want to start your own business, or work from home, I’ve gathered MANY resources for you.  They are on my “Free Things” pinterest board!

I’m extremely impressed with Directory of direct ship drop shippers!  You can design your business any way you want, connect with the people who have learned each aspect you will need to know.  You can learn how to incorporate, where to get free graphics, you can sell your own products, or other people’s products, you can be paid to write, or take pictures, or be a mystery shopper.  YOUR BUSINESS can be any way you choose to design it!  It doesn’t need to be expensive to start.  Please browse my board!

Additionally, WordPress will give you a free website – like this one!

Creative people at are willing to assist you with websites, advertising, etc. for fees as low as $5.

Spring will soon be popping up all over, and your new businesses can be too!

God bless,



Posted by: cynchat | January 17, 2017

Happy New Year!

Okay!  Pinterest is not as interesting to me as it was originally!

However, this morning I was able to re-arrange my boards.  Now Valentine’s Day is on top because it’s the next occasion.  All the other “events” are at the bottom and in order.  Happy to be able to move boards now.

I usually post here when I re-arrange boards.

2017 is going to be an amazing year for all of us.

God bless the USA!


Posted by: cynchat | December 8, 2016

Pinterest Glitch

Well, I’ve never had this problem before, but for some reason I don’t seem to be able to re-arrange my boards!  I’ve looked up “how to do” instructions, but that doesn’t seem to work for me today.  Maybe I’m holding my mouth wrong!  May try another time, or just leave my boards as they are, but I really liked moving them around so most pertinent would be on top.  Oh, well…. that’s the way it is for now!

Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year board is near the bottom.

God bless!


Posted by: cynchat | November 13, 2016

Tis the Season!

I’m having a blast on Pinterest this morning!

Just put patterns for you on my “Free Things” board that can be used for either melting chocolate, of any color even, to top your Christmas goodies – OR for making clings for the windows.  To do those you put the pattern sheet under waxed paper and follow the lines with puffy paint.  Let set, peel them off, and stick to windows!  Great fun projects to do with the kids!

There are also free butterfly patterns for other times.

Go crazy with your designing skills and have a ton of fun!

I’m also on FB if you want to friend me there to get acquainted.

God bless,


Posted by: cynchat | November 1, 2016

Indian Summer

November 1st today.  Leaves are still falling; Autumn is still beautiful.  Halloween is over!   Time changes this coming Sunday.  Things do seem to slow down then.

Today I re-arranged my Pinterest Boards.  Thanksgiving is now on top.  All of the pumpkin recipes went into Thanksgiving.  My kids come for Thanksgiving/ Christmas and we celebrate both at the same time, then they stay home for Christmas.  I now have about four weeks to prepare for everything!  Less than 10 weeks til Christmas for everybody else.  The Christmas Board follows the Thanksgiving Board.   You will find LOTS of recipes and ideas!

Free Things is still one of my most popular boards.  Please feel free to pin as many items as you would like.  I pinned them to share with you, and want you to enjoy!

I voted early!  God bless the USA!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas!



Posted by: cynchat | August 10, 2016

Summer Ends; Back to School

Just revised my Pinterest boards now that we’re into August and thinking of time for the kids to go back to school.  Summer has been intense here and I’m looking forward to a long and gorgeous Indian Summer!

Tons of new “Free Things” on that board.  “Autumn & Halloween” is now my top board. Lots of new yummy recipes in “Come to My Kitchen” and good ones I wouldn’t personally make but want to share are included in “Free Things.”

“Stormy Weather”, “Doors & Unique Dwellings”, and “Nailed it!” are a few of my very popular boards.  Feel free to pin all of them you want!  I pin them to share with you.

Thank you for following me on Pinterest!

God bless you as we enjoy a gorgeous Autumn,


Posted by: cynchat | May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Remembering all our soldiers, and our family loved ones.  We pause to remember that life has no promises and everything can change in a flash.  Time to appreciate everything and everyone we hold dear.  Always aware of weather and traveling dangers.  God bless us all, God bless America through these trying times.  We calm our minds and center our focus.

Today I’m enjoying Pinterest, and “furthering my education”!  I’ve posted alot of new things.  This one, I wanted to be sure you didn’t miss this extremely useful information on the many uses of coffee filters!  It is on my “Free Things” board:

25 Uses For Coffee Filters

Lots of new “Beauty of Nature” pins, also “Stormy Weather”

Enjoy your holiday weekend!



Posted by: cynchat | May 5, 2016

Spring is Springing!

Strange weather all around, but hopefully we’re on to Spring now!

I’ve added alot to my Pinterest boards.  So many Free Things for you there; lots of yummy recipes in Come to my Kitchen.  Good ideas for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Please come all my new updates!

God bless,


Posted by: cynchat | January 15, 2016

Moving right along…

New Year’s past, finally started that diet!  The Atkins plan has always worked best for me.  I got around to starting it last week on Wed. and this week Wed. a.m.  I’d lost 4.5 pounds.  Not bad.  No exercise.  Just eating protein, but did cheat and have a piece of candy twice.  I’m remembering not to eat anything after 6 p.m., drink lots of water all day and especially in the evening.  Exercise IS important, so I’m planning to insist that I either do a mile on my treadmill or 2 on my cycle.  We’ll see how I do with that idea.. ha.  I made a point of relearning on my scales how to do my body fat check.  Looks like I have too much of that!


I just re-arranged my Pinterest boards to pull up Valentine’s Day, Hearts, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and April Fools boards to the top.  Followed by the rest of my boards in order by quantity of pins.  I’m still loving Pinterest and learning alot!


Hope you’ll check out the new layout and pin with me!

Every day is one day closer to spring, and it’s been a mild winter here.

I am abundantly blessed!


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