Posted by: cynchat | June 25, 2015

On to Summer!

We’re through Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Father’s Day, and now on to the hot days of summer!

Many of my pins for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift ideas can be reworked for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I’m amazed how many people are pinning Christmas ideas.  BUT, it will be here before we know it!  With that in mind, I’m adding to my Christmas board now.  One worthy note – I for one, am intending to create soaps and lotions for gifts this year.  This morning I pinned very important information about what oils, or bases, to use for different things based on their purpose.  I pinned that to “Free Things” because we’ll need it for all seasons.

Sand Pudding – yes, it says Sand Pudding – was pinned to chuckles, just because I think it’s so funny to consider.  The pinner said her husband loved it.  I’m not surprised!

I haven’t rearranged my boards yet, but I will be moving “God Bless America!” to the top.  Enjoy your summer fun and cool delights.  God bless America!  [Jello shots are pinned too]

God bless us all,



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