Posted by: cynchat | December 10, 2015

Countdown to Christmas!

Only 16 days right now!   Nobody wants to hear mention of Christmas  before Halloween.  So that leaves less than 60 days to prep for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  No wonder people are stressed!

Many of us start shopping much earlier, like September,,, or throughout the year to shop and create for Christmas.

We trained my kids when they were young to go to KS for Thanksgiving.  We took the relatives all their Christmas gifts, then we stayed home in CO for Christmas.  Time to put up the tree and start baking and finishing up for my own family after Thanksgiving.

Now with that custom established, my kids still come to KS for Thanksgiving, and I retired here.  SO the kids and I celebrate our family Thanksgiving and Christmas together.  Works out great since my grown kids live in different directions and have similar miles to come and meet here in the middle.  I am SO blessed!

Planning ahead for our activities, I created a couple new things for gifts this year.  One was Beard Cream for my son and son-in-law.  That was fun and if they like it I will probably make more.  Also, I made some perfume lockets.  Those turned out so well I ordered more lockets for people I will see here at Christmas.  Hopefully, those will all be treasured gifts.

I had also intended to make some soaps and skin care items, but haven’t gotten to that yet.  Those will probably be for next year – ha!  Probably a good thing because I recently discovered something I wanted to share with you if you were also considering soaps.  I purchased Amazon books with recipes.  There are many recipes, some even complicated, some with lye, some with goats milk, etc.   Many people sell beautiful bars on Pinterest.  It would probably be cheaper to just buy theirs than to try to make my own!!   HOWEVER, I recently discovered that I can purchase soap bases on Ebay in an affordable size that I can just melt as I desire and add color and fragrance and mold however I’d like.  Wa-la!  That is what I wanted to share with you!  The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way of all!

Now is a great time to take advantage of sales for gift NEXT year!

Merry Christmas!  God bless us all!!







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