Posted by: cynchat | May 7, 2015

Mother’s Day –

Right around the corner.  If you haven’t yet planned for celebration of the woman who is the glue that holds your world together, you still have a couple days.  My Pinterest “Mother’s Day” board is loaded with suggestions and recipes, creative and fun ideas including simple projects to do with the kids.

Likewise, “Father’s Day” follows next month and that board is also loaded with ideas.  Gifts, cards, and wrappings that are easy for you to help the kids do.

We all enjoy being valued and appreciated!

THEN, after you have finished preparing to honor others,  you can treat yourself to a few ALCOHOL LOLLIPOPS!  That recipe is on the “Free Things” board.  You can use rum, tequila, schhnopps,,, or whatever your preference is.  Photo shows a few presentation for friends suggestions when we get to thanksgiving, for example.

There are new pins for planning your 4th of July cookout in “God Bless America”  Lots of new yard and garden ideas in “Free Things”

Go enjoy my pinterest boards!  See you there,



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