Posted by: cynchat | January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

I have annual customs for New Year’s Day!  Not resolutions.  I’ve only kept one of those that I can even remember.  It was a good one,,, to clean my glasses every morning when I did my makeup.  I still follow that one.

Somewhere along my life adventures, I’ve picked up the necessity to eat Black-eyed Peas for good luck on New Year’s Day.  That was probably when we had friends from Texas who also taught me the love of Cornbread Stuffing for Thanksgiving.  Anyway, on Facebook this morning I noticed that “some people” couldn’t find Black-eyed Peas at their grocery store because they were all gone!  That’s why it’s important to plan ahead!!

When I lived in Denver, I had an occasion to be browsing the shops downtown with an engineer I was dating.  He bought me a little pink Austrian Crystal pig with a cute little curly tail, and said the custom is to rub the belly of that pig on New Year’s Day for good luck.  I have always kept it close and made that an annual custom.  I treasure it!

No “resolutions” this year, just some “plans.”  Since I’m still alive and well on planet earth, I “plan” to enjoy every minute of every day this year, whatever I’m doing!   My body and mind will have to cooperate for me to work on and accomplish the things I’d “like” to do this year, like clean out my closets… REALLY clean out my closets.  And do a few projects in the yard.  Since it’s still winter, my closets are higher on “my list” for now.

I love Pinterest and I call it “furthering my education.”  I will continue pinning all sorts of amazing information to share.  I invite you to wander through my boards.  I rearrange them occasionally.

God bless America


God bless us all with a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016!




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