Posted by: cynchat | March 28, 2015

Check ’em out!

Lots of new pins added to my pinterest boards!

Next event is April Fool’s Day.  That was my Daddy’s favorite day… great sense of humor.  The board has lots of ideas, for family, for friends, for co-workers, for you to do to fool the kids, and some the kids can do too.  Keeping it harmless, not too messy, and just plain spring fun.

Easter is April 5th, and that board has LOTS ideas.  You’ll find food and fun … games, creations, all sorts of ways to color eggs.  Recipes for cookies and goodies.  Easter is a great time to create family fun memories.  And most importantly, we remember the reason for the season.

Next occasions are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  I’m adding to those boards as I find valuable information for you.

March 22nd was the first day of spring!  We had a skiff of snow this morning, but expect temps in the 70’s tomorrow.  Have seen two flowering trees starting to bloom, but leaves on my oaks aren’t producing yet.

Abundantly blessed,

Cynthia Henningsen &/or CynChat (on Pinterest)


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