Posted by: cynchat | April 22, 2015

Crack Stuff –

Yes, I pinned crack stuff.  While waiting at the doctor’s office I was reading a magazine. There was a comment about the editor traveling to fun exotic places then notes that she relaxes at fashion shows and enjoys Momofuku Crack Cookies.  So I’m off and searching!  I was familiar with Momofuku’s Restaurant expensive dessert items… their Crack Pie reportedly sells for $44.  This must be information I needed immediately!  So I found BOTH of those recipes – FREE – with Pinterest.  They are now pinned to my Pinterest board “Come to my Kitchen”  AND as an added bonus I came across Anderson Cooper’s favorite cookie recipe, the “Compost Cookies” – also FREE recipe… now on that board also.  This one has even more “stuff” in it.  All three recipes look awesome and left me drooling, but not energetic enough to go to the kitchen and bake!  However, I have an excuse because I don’t have all the ingredients on hand right now.

Just as another fun note, I found a really cool fun treat to try!  Put a Rolo between two Ritz crackers and microwave just enough to melt the chocolate.  Oh, yum,,, I can hardly wait to get Rolos!

There are also pasta and crockpot recipes pinned to that board.  I must be hungry!!

Anyway, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are in the pre-planning now, so lots of new great ideas on those boards also.

I’m still wanting to “get a round tuit” [ha!] to work on my art projects, so lots of new tutorials have been pinned to “Free Things” and “Artistic Ideas.”

Before I was retired, I kept a Diary file online about things I learned that day with links of interest.  It was very valuable when we needed to remember when something happened or where we found an item we needed.  Several people I know do journal daily.  Actually, Pinterest is similar and works for me; I check my boards and Likes.

It’s beginning to look like spring!  So I’ve been lots of creative yard ideas – Free Things.

Whatever you are doing, treasure the experience!



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