Posted by: cynchat | February 17, 2017

“Free Things”

Valentine’s Day is over now.  I most enjoy the day after, when chocolates go on sale!

I haven’t been on Pinterest as much.  The changes don’t allow me to see who is newly following one of my boards, so I can view their boards.  So I’m just searching for topics of interest to me now and pinning from those.  The info coming to me is often duplicate info I’ve pinned before.

So, right now, I’ve been researching new business info.  My daughter has just started selling a line of essential oils.  The product is great.  The company doesn’t seem to make it easy for her to build.  I have learned SO much the last few day about working at home!  If you want to start your own business, or work from home, I’ve gathered MANY resources for you.  They are on my “Free Things” pinterest board!

I’m extremely impressed with Directory of direct ship drop shippers!  You can design your business any way you want, connect with the people who have learned each aspect you will need to know.  You can learn how to incorporate, where to get free graphics, you can sell your own products, or other people’s products, you can be paid to write, or take pictures, or be a mystery shopper.  YOUR BUSINESS can be any way you choose to design it!  It doesn’t need to be expensive to start.  Please browse my board!

Additionally, WordPress will give you a free website – like this one!

Creative people at are willing to assist you with websites, advertising, etc. for fees as low as $5.

Spring will soon be popping up all over, and your new businesses can be too!

God bless,




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