Posted by: cynchat | December 30, 2014

Countdown to New Year’s!

Now that my computer works, and my internet works, I’m back to enjoying my life.  I call my activities on Pinterest “furthering my education” because I learn so much!

There are now new pins on my “Happy New Year!” board and I’ll be finding more for you today.

My latest desire is to learn how to design scarves that combine techniques and include jewelry.  Yest. I found several ideas and pinned them to “Free Things” because they link to instructions.  Many things I find but don’t feel belong on a board, or I want to keep them handier, I “Like” … so, as you see I have hundreds of interesting things there that you won’t find on one of my boards.

I haven’t gotten too interested in “you tube” yet, but I think I’ll find great instructions for projects there.

I’m hoping to get a jump on next year’s Christmas gifts!  Now I have time to not rush making things, I hope to produce some of my creative ideas.

Just wanted to let you know “I’m really back!” and you will find more updates from me here.

I plan to watch New Year’s in the comfort and warmth of my living room where I’ll have fantastic views of New Year’s around the world and seeing the ball drop in NY’s Time Square.  My popcorn is ready… if I can stay awake that long!  ha!

Wishing you all a fun celebration and a fabulous New Year 2015!

God bless us all,



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