Posted by: cynchat | April 26, 2014


Easter is behind us now, so I will be moving that Pinterest board back down, with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and God Bless America! boards moving up. 

Meanwhile, our community had the Annual Artwalk.  It’s a very fun event with artist displays in the downtown businesses and food vendors on the street from 5-9 p.m. on Friday evening.  This was the 3rd annual; each year the event grows.  Please consider encouraging this type of event in your community.

The vendor I most wanted to visit indicated glass blowing, leaded glass, beads, etc.  I purchased a beautiful marbled glass bead with twisty leading around it and a key through it….. just gorgeous!  Enticed me to research items used to create beautiful jewelry.  I discovered vendors on Ebay selling in lots for parts to be used in these creations. 

Back on Pinterest I requested pins of glass beads, leaded glass, keys, steampunk, and hardware pieces used to create jewelry.  SO…. there is now a GOB of new pins on my board “Artistic Ideas” that I hope you will browse and enjoy. 

New suggestions for Mother’s and Father’s Day will be added.

Our crab apple trees are beautiful pink now, and jonquil flowers are popping up so pretty.  This is a gorgeous 80 degree day with heavy storms predicted for tomorrow, and possible snow again next week.  Definitely still spring… um-huh.

Personally, I don’t judge a day by the weather!  [just exude joy when it is warm with no wind]

I’m continuing to love learning and enjoy sharing –








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