Posted by: cynchat | April 19, 2014

As the World Turns …

..and seasons change, my Pinterest boards get rearranged to list them with the current holidays and events.

Easter is still on top a few more days, followed by Mother’s Day then Father’s Day boards.  The topic boards are then in order with the most pins in them down to fewest.  Community posting boards of Homes and Chocolate tie it all together.

I think you’ll be pleased and surprised with all the info for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  There are tutorials for creative gifts, free printables, inspiration that evokes smiles, and recipes, of course…we enjoy eating for every occasion!

Enjoy Easter, watch the Easter egg hunts, indulge in chocolate, treasure family time together.  Remember the reason for this holiday, that Jesus died so we might have eternal life, and we celebrate the gift he gave us.  He accepted the sins of the world upon Himself and they were nailed to the cross with Him as He died on that cross.  We celebrate His resurrection after three days as He fulfilled the old law!  Thank you, Jesus.  Glory to God! 

Proud and grateful to be a Christian living in the USA –





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