Posted by: cynchat | November 7, 2013

Updates –

Wow, I haven’t posted for a LONG time!!  Now it looks like Thanksgiving is 3 weeks from tomorrow and Christmas is in just 7 weeks!  Time to gear up for the holidays.

SO, on Pinterest, I moved up my Thanksgiving and Christmas boards, but left Autumn & Halloween next because Autumn is still here….and I’m enjoying it greatly.  Ready for another warm dry day to gather some of those gorgeous leaves that are dropping all around us now.

Pinterest has made some changes that I’m not crazy about.  I’m hoping those will improve, or I won’t mind.  It seems difficult now for me to get things pinned or sent before a search button covers the picture and then it won’t pin or send for me once that shows.  Maybe I’m just not understanding that function yet.   Also, the link on my page to my blog DID come to my blog, but today I noticed it had been replaced by a general wordpress link….so I reset it to mine.  Don’t know how long it will stay this way. 

My computer is running so slowly now that it isn’t a joy to be online as much.  I’m thinking it may be because I’ve managed to add several extra toolbars.  I’ve tried to delete them every way I can find but still haven’t managed that feat.  Still hoping and trying.

Anyway, there are so many wonderful things to see on my boards, and I hope you will check them out.  From where you can see my boards, you can also check out my “Likes” – those are special things I want to remember but didn’t usually pin them…so, lots of interesting info there too. 

I’ll be back to post again when I have something noteworthy to say.

Blessings to all,



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