Posted by: cynchat | August 30, 2013

Holiday Countdown –

Holiday Countdown –
3 days until Labor Day
62 days until Halloween BOOOO!
90 days until Thanksgiving Gobble-Gobble
116 days until Christmas Eve
117 days until Christmas Day HO HO HO

How time flies if you’re having fun – or not!  Have you noticed?


So, school has started most places.  Labor Day weekend is the “the last days of summer” and the news says there will be 34 million travelers on the roads this weekend!  Very dangerous.

Autumn is my favorite season because the temperature is perfect and the colors are gorgeous.  Every year I gather leaves and intend to paint on them.  Hopefully, I’ll do it this year!

My “Autumn & Halloween” board has been moved to the top of my Pinterest boards. I’ve pinned lots of new things there now….. treats, costumes, and witchy things… lots of fun stuff.  My trick – your treat!

I love learning on pinterest!  Come pin with me –









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