Posted by: cynchat | August 12, 2013

Torn Between…..

pinning to “Stormy Weather” and “Beauty of Nature.”  I’m getting so many new Pinterest followers now.  I want to visit each of my new followers to see what boards they have I can follow. We obviously have common interest….and I don’t want to miss ANYTHING!  How did I ever live before Pinterest?  I’m learning SO much! 

When I think, “Okay, I’ve probably pinned enough storms now.” Then I see yet another one I MUST pin too!  They are ALL so fascinating.  And clouds are SO gorgeous.  As an artist, we notice the clouds and colors around us when we travel. 

I am so grateful to Al Gore for inventing the Internet!  [of course, that’s a joke!]

There are many projects I’ve learned about from Pinterest, and I’m eager to DO them…IF I can pry myself away from Pinterest long enough TO DO them!  Ha.

School will be starting soon, then I will move my “Autumn & Halloween” board to the top. 

As early as September people start shopping for Christmas, ‘cuz we can’t afford to buy it all later.  I’ll move up other holiday boards closer to each holiday.

Just for fun, this other website is good:   Quality products; good prices.  New items listed every day at noon.

Thank you to all those who are liking my blog!

Enjoy a “Beauty of Nature” day!



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