Posted by: cynchat | July 12, 2013

Pinterest Chat

Now that the 4th of July celebration has passed, I’ve moved my “God Bless America” board down to the bottom.  Everything on the holiday boards can still be found though.

My boards are now in the order of most pins.  So glad Pinterest tells us now when we have already pinned something.  It’s been amazing for me to notice how many followers I have and how quickly it grows at this stage.  Initially it seemed to take forever to get to 200 followers. When it reached 800 it started going much faster.

Did you see the pin that taught us how to save our boards to PDF files?  I think that’s great! We can just update the save every couple months so we don’t lose the info.  In case you missed it, simply go to your boards, click on each one, save it as a PDF file.  Cool!

Harvest is in full swing here, and completed for many.  Walmart is putting out the school supplies.  So we need to “quickly” enjoy the rest of summer…and the summer sales!

Treasure each moment while you’re living it; we shall not pass this way again –



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