Posted by: cynchat | June 29, 2013

Pinterest Update –

“God Bless America” is my 4th of July board. Lots of new pins have been added there; the day is quickly approaching.  Time for cookouts and friendly gatherings, great food, and appreciating the USA.  We are SO blessed to live here!  [Wreaths for this holiday are on their own board.]

Almost a whole art show at “Artistic Ideas.”   New “Chuckles.”  New recipes, new scenery, new birds…. probably some new pins on most of the boards.

If you browse back a bit on “Free Things” and “Good Thinking” there are suggestions for making gifts that would be suitable for weddings….and this is the season for those too.

We are HOT here in KS as the “golden waves of grain” ripen.  It IS the most gorgeous time of year here and KS is truly beautiful when the wheat is standing tall and gently waving in the wind.  I’m grateful that we have seasons here.  Each one is wonderful!

Feel gratitude; enjoy the 4th of July.

God Bless America!



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