Posted by: cynchat | June 20, 2013

God Bless America!

Now I have moved “Mother’s Day” & “Father’s Day” boards to the bottom.

“God Bless America” is now my top board and I’m pinning ideas to help us celebrate the 4th of July.  Have you notice that our activities all seem to be based around food?  Every holiday, event, meeting, presents us with opportunities to eat!  And we wonder why we are becoming an obese nation. Personally, I LOVE eating, and am becoming portly myself, so I can say such things. Ha. Anyway, the board has lots of food ideas, some are healthier than others.  I prefer “simple” – like I might actually bake the celebration cookies, or decorate an ice cream cone.  There are some fireworks pins and I’ll be adding those as I see them. 

There are a couple pins, not of this board, that have significant meaning to me… one is on “Faces” – the other on “Inspiration” – you’ll know which ones I mean when you see them.

I am SO proud to be an American and appreciate what our soldiers have done to preserve our freedoms.  Long may we stand as the land of the free and the home of the brave! I’m extremely grateful to be a Christian, with our freedom of religion intact.  I will be celebrating this holiday in my own simple way.

God Bless You! & God Bless Us All!!



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