Posted by: cynchat | June 17, 2013

Monday Morning

Normally I don’t comment about my FB here, but yesterday I did share a couple recipes there (diet recipes that sound wonderful)  One is for Pizza and the other for Smores; both are unique.

It was a lovely Father’s Day!  My Daddy was “perfect” and his spirit continually guides me.  I would wish for everyone a Father like mine!

Sometimes I do mention in this blog links I happened to catch on TV that I found interesting.  This one is worth reviewing:   My computer hit a hiccup before I got to browse much but it looks like there are fantastic prices.  Might be worth a look!

Haven’t been on Pinterest much yet this morning, so no hot pins to report yet.  I’ll wait until about Wed. to move Mother’s Day and Father’s Day boards.  “God Bless America” board will then move to the top as we approach the 4th of July.

I will be glued to TV this evening watching “The Voice” … they are all worthy contenders, in my opinion.  I’ve really enjoyed that program this year.  New season of “America’s Got Talent has started, and I’m enjoying it too!

Have a great week –



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