Posted by: cynchat | May 31, 2013

Just My Opinion…..

I really enjoy ALL the singing/talent shows on TV because the little people have a genuine opportunity to display their talents.  [the only one I don’t watch is “So you think you can dance” and that’s because Mary screams and it hurts my ears]  The Voice this year had better talent that ever! The cream has risen to the top.  I was rather expecting Judith to be one of the finalists, yet I wondered if perhaps she was a bit too intense and not very gregarious… plus the fact she had mentioned that she was eager to go to some other country to mentor kids.  She IS incredible and nobody can disagree!  For whatever reasons the top 6 are now the top 6; the judges are no longer judging; it is now dependent upon them stirring “we the people” enough to vote,,,and personality is critical.  All of the top 10 will have outstanding careers.  They are all awesome!

Some people were offended because of the publicity Blake received for his tornado assistance program.  Actually, it was a huge blessing to have The Voice platform for awareness to assist with that disaster.  One of the greatest things about America is that we all pull together in times of disasters, whatever and wherever. Everyone who ever assists deserves great praise.  God Bless America!  I was grateful to hear God mentioned throughout the program.  This country was founded on “Freedom OF Religion” NOT “Freedom FROM Religion!”  God deserves our respect.

That being said, I am still learning things on Pinterest today.  Like if you spill nail polish on the floor and quickly cover it with sugar, it will wipe right up….I didn’t know that.  Don’t think that would work on carpet however.  I’ve pinned other things to “Good Thinking” also; “Chuckles”, “Travel”, “Oh, so cute!”. “Artistic Ideas” and other boards too.

I’m thinking about cleaning out my closets, but every time I go to see what I can remove, but I haven’t been able to find one single thing I can part with yet! ha.  I’ll have to wait for the right mood to hit… whenever that might be.  

Approaching a weekend – have a fun one!



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