Posted by: cynchat | May 26, 2013

My English is Showing??

That’s what we told Mother when she didn’t get the joke and we’d need to explain it to her.

Maybe MY “English is Showing” or maybe I’ve totally “lost” my sanity.  I’m finding all sorts of things funny this morning….so I’ve pinned them to my”Chuckles” board on Pinterest. 

But while I’m wondering, who came up with all the Chevron pattern stuff?  Why should a business get free advertising,,,why would you want to promote free for a fuel company?  Who came up with the great idea of wearing anklets with high heels?  That looks totally stupid!  Probably the same designers who decided women should go bare-legged so men can “imagine” easier.  Now, honestly, imagining women naked has never been a problem for men and you know it!  Meanwhile women are trying to look “gorgeous” and follow fashion.  Look at those gals, all dressed up going to work in their lovely outfit with WHITE legs.  Come on, give us back out dignity!

While I’m at it, could women please have swimming suits that cover up the lumpy, bumpy, cellulite,,,we’d like to have suits down to our knees like men do.  Please let us go back to the 1800’s at least when swimsuits at least had partial leggings.  Equal rights?  I don’t think so! Looks like it’s a man’s world to me!!

Several things just hit me as funny, so I’ve shared chuckles this morning….you may or may not share my sense of humor this morning, but I’m so blessed…this is America, and I am entitled to think and say whatever I want to…. hopefully, in a sense of good fun.

Have a blessed day!




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