Posted by: cynchat | May 25, 2013

Teddy Bear Sunflowers!

I’d never seen any before Pinterest.  They are SO pretty.  They are about 2 feet tall and round puffy balls.  I just found some on Ebay and ordered some.  My granddaughters always thought it was so interesting that sunflowers face the sun; in the morning they turn toward sunrise; in the evening they face the sunset.  Now I have two great grandkids and would like for my daughter to get to plant some in her back yard for them to watch. And, of course, I’ll plant a few in my own yard too.  I learn SO much on Pinterest, and get to share my new bits of knowledge!  To take a peek they are on my “Beauty of Nature” Pinterest board.  

Love that Pinterest now tells me if I’ve already pinned something. That is so handy.

This is a gorgeous day in NW KS.  Am hoping for wonderful weather for travelers this Memorial Weekend.  Love fresh air…..when it’s not too hot, or windy…ha.

While you’re out – actually “look” at all the beauty of nature.






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