Posted by: cynchat | May 5, 2013

The Legend

lives on!  George Jones, I mean.  After my morning inspiration with Joyce Meyer I set the channel to country music.  A couple days ago I was hearing comments that interested me so I went to turn it up and see what it was.  It was the funeral/memorial service for George Jones.  LOTS of recognized people spoke warm regards and memories. Several sang. All of us who love country music (I think I can speak for “all” of us) feel stirred by George Jones’ music.  Of course my favorite of his songs is “He Stopped Loving Her Today”…and apparently that is also the favorite of most…that song was the final tribute song.  His wife, Nancy, was married to him 30 years and he credited her for the fact he stopped drinking and enjoyed a happy, stable marriage and family life.  Nancy had selected the speakers, including Barbara Bush, Gov. Huckabee, Barbara Mandrell, and many others. Dolly Parton was unable to attend but sent beautiful butterfly arrangements. Winona Judd, Alan Jackson,  Brad Paisley, Ronnie Milsap were among those who shared experiences and music.  The program lasted 3 hours….yes, 3 hours…and I ENJOYED every minute of this funeral and tribute to one of the greatest of all times.  I hadn’t realized that “Almost Persuaded” was one of his songs.  Most of his songs really grabbed me and stirred my soul.  The emotions he felt and shared with us seem to “grind” inside me…so touching…so real…expressing my own feelings.  We will miss him.  I will miss him. But the legend will live on as we continue to appreciate his incredible contribution to our world of music.  Thank you, George!  I intend to purchase several of his albums.  I only own one at this time, but I’m looking forward to adding more to my library.  I’m grateful to his family for sharing the live event. I think, in a way, we all feel like we “knew” George Jones personally. God bless his family.  Now we know what we can look forward to “when we all get to Heaven” and will get to sing with the greats who have gone before us. What an exciting blessing of anticipation!

Continuing to treasure George Jones; the Legend lives on.

Pause to smell the roses, to treasure family, and really enjoy the small things.

Smile and giggle frequently.  Live and love every minute. 

Have a wonderful weekend,



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