Posted by: cynchat | April 26, 2013

Art is…..

everywhere – amazing – whatever you want it to be!  Working on a few of my own projects, learning new things on Pinterest, and attending art shows, I’ve realized that we can create art out of anything, onto anything, with any media, and that the possibilities are endless; if we can just imagine it, we can create it!  I went with my sister yesterday to a neighboring town to help hang art work for a show this weekend.  School students display immense talent.  Just viewing the creations is an adventure. 

Art is all around us.  When I first discovered Zentangle, on Pinterest, I noticed it around me…like in fabric designs.  Of course, God is the greatist artist of all…just looking at the clouds my sister and I have remarked on several occasions how gorgeous the sky looked and if you painted it like that nobody would believe it.  I marvel at the bark on trees; the animals.  Our world is filled with grandeur!  The sights when we travel…mmm, mmm. I’m constantly amazed!   [“Travel” – “Beauty of Nature” – “Amazing Critters” – “Oh, so cute!”]

With that in mind this morning, there are new pins to my “Artistic Ideas” board…street art is in that category too.

Bizcochitos  is a new word for me…they are Mexican Wedding Cookies.  The recipe for Brown Sugar Pound Cake baked in a bundt pan is something I will definitely make.  Both recipes are pinned to “Come to My Kitchen.”

Several tidbits found their way to “Inspiration” today.

Stop and LOOK at the world around you, and have an awesome day!



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