Posted by: cynchat | April 24, 2013

Crack Sticks –

Yes, this morning I baked Crack Sticks!  The recipe is on my Pinterest board “Come to My Kitchen” but I’m just going to tell you now how to do it.  Buy a loaf of cheap white sandwich bread, cut off the crusts, roll the pieces out very flat, spread with creamed cheese (I used cinnamon flavored), roll them up like jelly rolls. The recipe just said roll in cinnamon-sugar, but I melted butter and rolled them in that first so the sugar would stick.  Place them out on your cooking sheet and bake until crispy.  That’s it! Fun, easy, yummy.

The other thing I baked today was Wacky Cake “Come to My Kitchen” board also.  Later I’m planning to make Maple Nut Fudge….the easy way, with melted chips and a can of frosting. I intend to line a bread pan with foil and pour it into there so I can cut slabs. Neat, eh?

Yesterday I pinned to “Luxury” a tree that had been cut down and remodeled into a couch! You’ve got to see it.  I’d love to have it in my back yard. It’s so unique I’ve never seen anything like it, nor even imagined anything like it.

I keep forgetting to share a personal tidbit of info… I’m amazed with the new sheets you put in the washer to catch colors that run. It’s shocking how much is absorbed. Do yourself a favor and try those if you haven’t yet.  [Shout was first to come out with them, now there are other cheaper brands and they all work well.]

Gotta run now; have a good one!



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