Posted by: cynchat | April 23, 2013

As I See It…..

which is much more clearly now that I’ve completed surgeries for cataracts from BOTH eyes. There was a period of nervousness between because vision wasn’t clear then.  My blessings through these procedures were numerous.  First of all they were just a month apart. Secondly they were both in my own town. My surgeon was wonderful, even calling me at home that even just to check that all was well and ask if I had questions…on both occasions he called.  Now I have NEVER had any other doctor call me at home to followup, so that in itself is AMAZING!  He was able and willing to do another incision while he was there to correct an astigmatism [those are normally done as a separate laser surgery in another location and at additional expense.]  Everything went perfectly!

Dr. Jeff Morrison is my local Optometrist. He had been waiting and watching for just the right time to do these, as we waiting for technology to advance to the optimal time to remove my cataracts and insert new lenses at that same time to give me 20/20 vision without glasses and using lens implanted with my MONO-VISION prescriptions.  I had successfully worn mono-vision contacts for many years.  With those, one eye “sees” and the other eye “read”…usually the right eye seeing and the left eye reading, however, mine were reversed so my left eye sees and my right eye reads…. and, yes, I’ve never been normal!  The first time I tried them on I had flawless vision within 20 minutes.  I was living and working in Denver in a mall and had begun to need reading glasses along with my contacts, when my eye doctor at that time, introduced me to that technology which was new at that time. Bi-focal contacts were just coming out then also, but were extremely expensive, and didn’t function very well.  So,,,I have actually been blessed with many “right people” at the “right time” … I am abundantly blessed!  …and I count all my blessings frequently!!

Now for my Pinterest comments while I’m here.  This morning I agreed to switch to the new face, because as they indicated, we would all be switched to it soon.  WELL, I recommend that if you haven’t already switched that you WAIT until it is done for you later.  Now there are only three wider column with bigger pictures.  I preferred the other way because I was able to select “copy photo” and save it to my WordPad in nice sizes. Now to copy it takes an extra step and only copies the larger picture.  I’m guessing the purpose was to slow us all down….which it is, but it is also causing me to lose a certain amount of interest.  I doubt that we will be given the choice to go back to the old way, at least it isn’t an option now.

There have been pins about Earth Day, but I didn’t create a board for that event.

URGENT NOTE:  Today, April 22nd there is to be a 24 hour meteor shower!  That will be a unique experience I don’t want to miss!!  Hope I remember to go outside to look at it.

Check out “Amazing Critters” board along with “Oh, So Cute!” for adorable animals. Find new and interesting tidbits on “Good Thinking” – “Free Things” – & “Health”   “Travel” – “Beauty of Nature” – “Doors & Unique Dwellings”  normally get new pins daily.  “Stormy Weather” has some amazing and scary scenes.  I’m always cooking up goodies – “Come to My Kitchen”

Gotta run now, trying to actually “create” some of the awesome ideas I’ve learned on Pinterest!  Be blessed: Enjoy your life!!




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