Posted by: cynchat | April 5, 2013

“Imitation is a Form of Flattery”

Really? Or is it that they should have thought of it first but didn’t so they desire to garner some of your profits?   In particular, I’m talking about Tom’s Shoes being an amazing product line that included gifting to those in need of shoes at their inception.  They are a basically simple shoe, and not too expensive…about $20.-25.  Of course there are more expensive creations in their line.  Now I see, “Bob’s” has a competitive line of shoes of similar quality and prices with the same feature that when you purchase one pair they will give someone in a poor foreign country a pair of shoes.  There is nothing illegal if patent infringement isn’t involved.  There may be other companies similarly disposed, but I haven’t noticed them yet. So, my thinking has to be “Well, that’s free enterprise.” and “now maybe many more people will be blessed” because more companies are participating in Tom’s creative idea?

What do you think?  I’ll appreciate your discussion.

Now that Easter and April Fool’s Day are over,  I’ll be moving those boards down behind the other holidays.  I will be working on my new boards for “Mother’s Day” and “Father’s Day.”  Please be sure to browse the boards I’ll be moving in case there was anything you wanted to remember, before those boards are out of sight and out of mind. 

I’m getting my thoughts together to paint a zebra on a purse, and baby white tigers on another.  I’ve been studying Zentangle and my desire is to unite polymer clay with zentangle.  Zentangle was totally new to me when I found it on Pinterest!  Now I look around and see zentangle in clothing pieces, etc.   The art form is not brand new now, but it was “new to me” before I “discovered” it!  Now that I am “focusing” on it, my awareness of it is expanding.  Funny how that happens.  Like, until I had twin granddaughters I hadn’t noticed there were so many twins…..and now they’re everywhere!  Kinda neat how that happens.

I love beautiful scenery, and traveling, animals, and humor; I’m grateful for FREE things, and learning.  I love eating and good food. Those boards continue to grow.   Am pinning the healthier recipes to “Health.”  I would feel deprived if I could browse and learn on Pinterest. 

Focusing and Learning – Addicted to Pinterest!




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