Posted by: cynchat | April 3, 2013

Many Faces…

When I log onto Pinterest, I first like to visit the new people suggested that I might like to follow.  When I did that this morning I was intrigued by a board with faces.  That led me to another board with faces.  So this morning I have pinned a lot of new “Faces” …all very interesting.  My sister insists she intends to live to be 125, and it was amazing to see how good some “really old” people still look.  Maybe Bev will be able to master her desire!

For April Fool’s Day I would love to have had the patience to make “corn cob candy treats” … those are marshmallows with corn candy poked in around them to look like mini corn on the cob.  Wouldn’t that have been fun?  Honestly, I was just too lazy to do that.

Rushing to after Easter sales I found Bunny Tails – cotton candy in assorted colors and flavors, and a package of edible grass in pink Strawberry.  I’d already found and gotten a package of blue colored Blueberry flavored edible grass.  I hadn’t noticed these other things before or I would have gotten those too.  The egg size Cadbury Eggs were all gone. We LOVE those.  But, I was able to pick up a couple bags of mini cadbury eggs which are yummy too. 

I hope I never grow up!  I have SO much fun enjoying the small delights that appear in my life.

As you know, age is a state of mind – if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!  I don’t mind. I’m staying young – at least, at heart!

Have a blessed day –



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