Posted by: cynchat | March 6, 2013

Next Projects –

Learning on Pinterest is SO much fun!  Yesterday I was trying to “want” to sign off when I came across the “next exciting tidbit.”  That’s why it is so much fun…new ideas, free things, more to want “to do!”  I’m making a point to share with FB & Twitter the items I feel my peeps would most appreciate knowing.

My St. Patrick’s Day board is growing!  I’m wanting to bake Leprechaun Loaves…small pistachio nut loaves colored green.  I’m not Irish but greatly enjoy St. Patrick’s Day anyway.  I’m wanting to get the little bags of gold coins yet but they aren’t in my stores yet…I sure hope they get them; I need little green 4-leaf clovers too.  Fun, fun, fun. The White Cliffs of Dover and other Irish locations are on this board, and others on Travel. Have you seen Blarney Castle?  Want to kiss the blarney stone??

The Easter board had lots of ideas and suggestions.  Spring is coming – in fact, the time change is THIS weekend.  Easter eggs, baskets, chocolate bunnies, and family dinners, new spring outfits.  Lots of pretty pastel colors.  We have to much to enjoy.  We are SO blessed to live in this country with freedom of religion.  Jesus asked us to remember the reason for this season, why he came to redeem us, that through His great gift to us, we live, love and treasure our Jesus and the great God who created us and blesses us. May we live in Gratitude every day for all our blessings!

This morning I have been researching painting on leather.  I got a black leather purse because I want to paint on it.  I’ve decided to paint a zebra because I have a specific top in mind to wear it with that has small red flowers and zebras across the bottom.  I’ve found instructions for preparing and preserving.  So I’m getting closers to actually doing.

Recently I discovered Zentangle.  Now I’m studying that, and also studying polymer clay because I think I want to combine the two arts.  I’m also wanting to create dragons.  Some as jewelry, others as light plates.  I’ve observed a technique for creating molds.  I’m getting very adventurous!  I have SO much to learn……so much I want to know.  I delight in the small steps of learning.  Every day I learn SO much!  Obviously it doesn’t take much to make me happy!

Oh, I have a board for April Fool’s Day too.  That was always my Daddy’s favorite day. We continue to keep the fun alive.  It was amazing to me in my travels that Norman Rockwell painted April Fool’s Day postcards; I have four of them in my scrapbook and revisit them every year.

My next new boards will be for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day after we’ve passed these current events.

Blessings to you all,





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