Posted by: cynchat | February 22, 2013

Still Pinning…..

Rarely blogging now that I’ve discovered that when I pin I can request Pinterest to also post my pin to either Twitter or Facebook if I  think it’s something either group of my peeps would like to know…and it auto posts the info to the right side of my blog…for those who want to know.

This morning there was a beautiful shot of Waikaka Beach…with a view of Diamond Head and the scene from “our” beach just out the back door of Outrigger Reef…lovely memories.

Also pinned the horseshoe shaped walkway that overlooks the Grand Canyon. I’m sure that view is awesome, but we were there before that was built.  I have such a fear of heights I can’t even stand up on my roof, so I don’t know if I would have been able to make myself go and enjoy that view.  I’m sure it’s gorgeous,,,and very safe.

I like that Pinterest now shows us other boards we might like to follow. I learn SO much!

My WordPad stays open so I can copy things I really want to remember.  I’m building a nice library of “things to make” later.

We have had a major snowstorm here.  It has temporarily stopped, so we have a chance to dig out before the next storm that is scheduled to hit in a few days.  We really needed this moisture, and every day of “winter” is one day closer to spring.  We are blessed…and I am easily entertained!

God Bless,



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