Posted by: cynchat | February 6, 2013

Addicted to Pinterest!

My morning starts when I hear the coffee perking. Then I rise and shine, turn on the computer, and settle in for morning devotion with Joyce Meyer on TV.  She always starts my day out right. Then I progress to the computer to check email and go to browse Pinterest for awhile. I’ve discovered that if I an pinning something I can also pin it to Facebook or Twitter and it will also post on this blog.  So I haven’t been “blogging” much….because what I wanted to share is already here! 

Now February, and the groundhog indicated we will have an early spring….and I am ready! A couple little Iris are popping up already.  We normally have more snow this time of year, but it probably won’t stay around very long….altho the farmers are still praying for moisture here….and everything depends on the farmers doing well.

We are abundantly blessed, and extremely grateful.

Have a good week, and set aside some time to spoil yourself a bit!

God Bless!



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