Posted by: cynchat | December 30, 2012

Then Comes Winter –

So we’ve had the gorgeous, colorful days of Autumn and Indian Summer. Then the leaves fell off and everything became barren, weather keeps getting colder, and brings a few snowflakes. That’s okay. Seasons are wonderful….some parts of the country don’t have four definite season changes… we are blessed here.

Halloween was fun, and the kid’s costumes cool. Very quickly we arrived at Thanksgiving,,,that was even okay too with all the family festivities and good food.

It’s called “Black Friday” because it’s the day after Thanksgiving when the Christmas shopping frenzy officially launches. Maybe there is a dual meaning to “Black Friday” because that’s about the same time depression sets in for single people! I’ve been divorced a long time now. Normally I’m just fine with my life, but there are about three weeks in this time period my “aloneness” seems much “louder” – do you know what I mean? It was probably good that everything seemed frantic and rushed during the holidays… so my dread and depression, feeling unloved and unlovable won’t have time to overwhelm me… and other singles feeling these lonely blues. Only one smaller “lonely” mountain now – the New Year’s Eve Parties. No problem not going out, I can watch festivities all around the world on TV, and see the ball drop in NYC. A tender kiss to welcome the new year at midnight could be grand – with the right person. Father Time fades out as Baby New Year welcomes in 2013. and that concludes the season’s festivities!

2013 sheds light on our over indulgences and we plan to do better. Starting with Losing weight top new year’s resolution. January is a good time to define resolutions – AFTER getting in on all the Thanksgiving and Christmas goodies and shopping sales (for our resolution to eliminate debt). Good luck to everyone!

On Pinterest, I’ve added new pins with some of Dr. Oz’s weight loss recipes and exercises on my “Health” board… one is a “Fat Burning Muffin.”

I’ve added many pins to “Good Thinking”, “Free Things” & “Artistic Ideas.” I like the way Pinterest is now showing me a list of others with boards I might like. I’d intended to make many of my gifts this year, but didn’t….so now I’ll have several months to hopefully have them ready for next Christmas!

Since the world hasn’t ended yet, in any way, shape or form, I’ll just be content trying to improve my body, mind and spirit, and continue to see what interesting things I can learn at Pinterest.

Happy New Year! (I have a board for that too!)
God Bless America,


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