Posted by: cynchat | December 21, 2012

Crystal Snowflakes –

Our weather forecast was for a big blizzard. I’d made my trips to the grocery store so I could be prepared. About 2:30 yesterday it started snowing. Beautiful to watch! Then it looked foggy and snowed harder before dark. I was anxious to see how deep it was this morning. It stopped at about 3″ with some small drifts around. School was dismissed early. Surely school is closed now for the Christmas holiday. This afternoon it’s sunny, but it is “cold” sunshine. Am hoping it will go ahead and melt now so roads will be safe for those traveling.

Haven’t done any Christmas baking yet, but otherwise I’m ready. I was blessed to have my kids here for Thanksgiving. I’ll share Christmas with my sister and her kids who will be here. Everything is more fun when shared with loved ones!

I’m still finding new pins for Christmas on Pinterest. New food pins are on my “Christmas” and “Come to My Kitchen” boards. One of my new favorites today is a recipe for Truffles Hot Chocolate! That sounds so yummy I can hardly wait to make it and drink some. Says it makes 5 of the small Mason jars, so it could be great for Christmas gifts too.

Stay safe; enjoy goodies & family fun!

Also pinned a recipe for Crockpot Fudge; mix it all together and let it turn into fudge. There’s a new microderm abrasion recipe on “Health.” On “Artistic Ideas” check out the necklace made from a fork! People are SO creative. I’m always eager to see what new pins surprise me. LOVE Pinterest!


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