Posted by: cynchat | December 15, 2012

Countdown to Christmas!

Just 10 days from this evening is Christmas Eve! No wonder everyone is rushing around, stressed, depressed, possibly franticly searching for that “perfect” gift for someone special. Christmas is MAGIC, and beautiful. The sights and sounds, a chill in the air….smells of baking goodies. Mmm, nice. We are blessed; SO blessed.

We don’t even want to think about the lonely people, hungry people, those in war torn areas of the world….and our soldiers, somewhere away from home on the other side of the world,,,trying to stay alive. We’d rather NOT think of “these” things. But they are part of life too….part of this holiday season too.

So, what is it we are celebrating?

That Jesus Christ was born! That the Son of God allowed himself to become human, live in flesh as we mortals do, and do so flawlessly that he could give himself as atonement for all the wickedness and sin in the world,…not His, because he had no sin. We celebrate the gift of JESUS! He gives us the gift of eternal life, merely by accepting Him as Savior and Lord of the Universe….Father, Son, & Holy Ghost, and the fact that He died for ME, a wicked sinner, and my only cost is to BELIEVE and ACCEPT His FREE gift. Yes, THAT, is what we are celebrating! For that reason it is a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The gifts we give for Christmas are are trivial, but for the purpose of SHARING, and SPREADING our LOVE. We know that accurately Jesus was NOT born on this date….the calendars have even changed. We celebrate the reason for the season – LOVE!

Hopefully, we are able to spread love without over-stressing our bodies or bank accounts. There are many ways to spread love in small ways.

A few years ago I felt flush enough to not only give my loved ones each a present, but to also present each with a card noting that I had also made a donation to the charity of their choice in their honor. My son has always been concerned about street people, so his donation was to the Denver Rescue Mission. My daughter was particularly interested in the Cancer Support System at Hays Memorial where I had my chemo and all that stuff. That group makes sure people have wigs before losing all your hair and assisting with financial concerns. Her donation went there. My two granddaughters and I had implemented our system of giving $10. a month to Feed the Children, out of Oklahoma….their donation went there. My son-in-law loves the forests, so his donation went to plant trees in areas of the US that had suffered fires. Sharing the gift of giving together with my kiddos enriched the experience of the whole season for all of us.

We all have a favorite causes…and there is great joy in the giving! Let’s all go out and spread a little love today.

Counting my blessings-
I am Proud to be an American; Grateful to be a Christian!

P.S… Well, this certainly wasn’t about Pinterest, but over there you will see that I shuffled my boards to put Christmas and New Year’s on top and push down Autumn and Thanksgiving, now past. Every day I learn new things there – that’s why I love Pinterest!

One new cool thing someone pinned there today was to print your own newspaper: Reminds me of : http://www. which I often pull up and print out for birthdays. There is much fun to be had with FREE Things!
Be sure to check out my “Free Things” board.


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