Posted by: cynchat | December 12, 2012

Back to Pinterest!

That flu is wicked! I was SO miserable I didn’t even think about Pinterest!! Next year I’ll gladly accept my flu shot. Well, enough about misery, and back to fun stuff…

Pinterest presented a Christmas photo of Harrod’s in London. YES, I’d love to shop there, especially at Christmas time. What cool gifts we could purchase. I didn’t stop to check to see if Harrod’s is on Pinterest or not, but now I wonder. In past years, we could go to their website to view their catalog and order online. And it looks like we still can: It’s a fun browse anyway!

Two weeks til Christmas – you’ve got to be kidding! It was just Halloween. And this year is quickly draining. (I’m still wondering about the Mayan Calendar’s expiration date of 12/22/2012.) News this morning calls this the “perfect day” – 12/12/12 indicating that people are “excited” about it. So I wonder what wonderful things will develop today?

I still have so many projects to do before Christmas, but I still feel too wimpy to be up to feeling frenzied. So I think I’ll just see if I can sip some more coffee and slowly browse more on Pinterest. (Can’t you just envision germs everywhere in the stores? Well, that’s a very good reason to shop online!)

Stay Well!


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