Posted by: cynchat | December 7, 2012

Do You Ever…….??

Do you ever take time to just browse in the grocery store? We’re usually in a hurry to just get it and get home because we still have to lug it in a put it away. Whoever said grocery shopping is fun? Besides, there isn’t enough extra time to just stroll around the grocery store.

On occasion I’d discovered a unique product. Did you know -There are Hash Browns in little pint cartons in the boxed potato section. You just fill the carton with water, let it set 5 minutes, and you get a whole big skillet full of hash browns! I was so impressed finding those that I treated all the Christmas guests to some of those.

Now I see that Fleishman and other merchants have created bread mixes to be ready in one hour. I intend to try those! Might I suggest that sometime you try one of my favorite things to do with bread dough. That is to create a “Cobblestone” loaf. You just break your dough into walnut size pieces and toss them into your greased bread pan. Amazingly, it creates a totally different texture! Fabulous toast!!

We all like quick and easy. We also appreciate unique. In other words, we need to be creative and open to new ideas.

Think we are all busy now shopping and creating for Christmas. My Pinterest “Christmas” board is loaded with all sorts of unique and creative ideas for food and gifts. Thanksgiving is past now, but my “Thanksgiving” board has lots of good info too. Recipes not specific to those holidays are in “Come to My Kitchen.”

Don’t miss the “Free Things” board. It’s amazing what all is FREE!!

I now have a burned out light bulb and can make a hot air balloon ornament with it…..that will be so much fun. Also on my list for this week is to make cinnamon ornaments. Use a small cookie cutter of whatever shape you desire. Just mix, roll out the dough, cut into shapes, and put a hook in it, bake 2 hrs. at 200 degrees, ( turn them over once while baking) Mmm…they smell so good! Here’s the recipe – CINNAMON ORNAMENTS 1 cup ground cinnamon, 1 cup applesauce, 1/4 cup Elmer’s glue. Yes, I learned it on Pinterest.

Be creative & remember, Fun is a state of mind!


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