Posted by: cynchat | December 5, 2012

Pinterest Chat

Oprah’s new TV channel, OWN, isn’t on my cable options. When she gave up her daytime talk show, I was sad. She was always positive, inspiring, and working on worthy causes. However, at that point I felt she’d just outgrown me. So I stopped taking the magazine and dropped the gift subscription I’d given my sister. She doesn’t seem as “out there” to me as she was before…for that reason. I was happy to see Oprah was a new link for me to possibly follow on Pinterest now. I chose a few of her topics to follow. She has some classes presenting famous people, so those links are are pinned to my “Faces” board.

Check this out! Fly private jet at business class ticket. Book now! Info is on my “Luxury” board. What an awesome gift to be able to give yourself….you just needed the right connections.

I made some “Button” cookies. They needed to chill before slicing and baking. But…they came out rather flat on one side. When my sister saw them she gave me the hint for cookie dough rolls to be chilled and sliced later…by standing them on end in a tall glass or Pringles tube they stay round for slicing and baking! So glad she told me before I make more of those. “Christmas” board on Pinterest has a different button cookie picture, though the ones I made were bigger. Am thinking I’ll make some pastel mints in a smaller size too. Can gift these in a “Button Box.”

You can find “50 easy no bake desserts” on the “Come to My Kitchen” board. Yum, yum~ …”no bake cookie bars”~
“3 Minute Turtles” Fast and easy – perfect combination!

Then check out the “Ten Skinny Crockpot Recipes” on the “Health” board. Balance in all things, right?

Just put up a new board – “Happy New Year!”
More later,


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