Posted by: cynchat | December 4, 2012

Tuesday’s Notes –

I’ve seen a few cool things on TV. There is now a section in my WalMart, and in my Dollar General, for “as seen on TV” items. One item is called “Wax Vac” which is a battery operated tool to vacuum out ear wax.

On Shark Tank a while back, a lady presented “Painted Pretzels” ….they are really neat and reasonably priced. Can be purchased directly at http://www.Painted Mark Cuban will be putting them in to sell at his BB games and movie theaters. I’d like to have some! Plan to try making some for Christmas.

Also from Shark Tank, Nature Made now has “Vita Melts” available inexpensively in Vitamin D, Relax, Zinc, Vitamin C, Sleep, and Energy. Many stores carry this brand, like WalMart, Walgreens, Dillons. And they are also available online directly from Nature Made. Of course, check with your doctor if you have any medical concerns before you purchase.

Also, a while back on Shark Tank, Mark Cuban bad-mouthed the Esso Watches….designed to eliminate negative ions in your body. Personally, I appreciate all avenues that might teach me how to rid my body of damages from chemo and radiation, other damages. My massage therapist recently performed a scan for me to reveal what areas in my body still need a boost. Mine showed that a liver cleanse would be beneficial. I am now using Liver Cleanse. Call me whatever you will, but I’m all for combining medical and holistic approaches to health. On my Pinterest board “Health” you will find all sorts of interesting tidbits! Back to topic – Esso Watches, I just purchased a black Esso watch for myself at Amazon. I browsed the listings and found one for $1.99 + shipping.

On Pinterest, I’ve learned how to make Fast Fudge! Just melt a bag of chocolate chips, or any chips of your choice. Stir in a container of frosting, of your flavor choice. Add nuts if you’d like. Pour into buttered pan and let it set. Cut into pieces. Can’t get any quicker or easier than this and the variations are endless. Enjoy!

On FB this morning, Kanta Bosniak’s post was about Socks –
Love is like a pair of socks,
you said. “You gotta have two
and they have to match.”

Good point and very true!
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