Posted by: cynchat | December 3, 2012

What is New with Me Now?

Took in two Christmas Gift sales…didn’t see much that is uniquely different. The only item was a $7. magnet created from designed washers and buttons. I don’t feel the need to make any of those, nor to purchase any of them either.

A lovely, but rather expensive, crocheted vest-type creation with pieces that resembled doilies, was $39. so not in my budget for gift to give myself…and I doubt I’ll make one either.

After checking out the community events, I finished off some Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch, then watched a Hallmark movie. Browsing channels I felt blessed to find Dr. Wayne Dyer just beginning his seminar , “Wishes Fulfilled.” He does these on PBS to support the station. I consider it an amazing gift that I gratefully accepted to watch it. What I would most like to “have” from his new material is the meditation CD, “I AM” …..however, I can do that for myself FREE also. Boy, am I cheap!

Some of my favorite life coaches are all coming to the realization that whatever I tell myself and set my focus on, expands to become my reality.

I was already doing this, but it was suggested that as we talk to ourselves while falling asleep, it is most beneficial to mentally verbalize “I am (whatever I want to be)….i.e. “I am totally healthy” ….and whatever else we want to be true. Currently, I count my blessings, instead of sheep, while drifting off to sleep. I have a string of mental “I am’s” that I tell myself through the day, and I also have a marvelous program that flashes these to my subconscious while I’m on the computer. (The one I use is called ” Intention Activator”)

Many of us are wondering what to expect now that it’s December and the Mayan Calendar indicated our demise the 21st. Time will tell as we continue one day at a time.

On Pinterest this morning, I pinned some beautiful cloud pictures that weren’t actual storms, but quite intriguing, so I put them in “Stormy Weather.”

Much to learn there and I always enjoy my visits to Pinterest!

We’re off to a good week & delighting in holiday activities.
Have a great day, and a blessed week,


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