Posted by: cynchat | November 27, 2012

When the Student is Ready…

…the teacher will come. And amazingly, my teacher was on Pinterest. I was wondering how I could put colored designs on some great Vanilla smelling, tall, square candles.

The technique presented is to use colored Sharpies to create my design on waxed paper, wrap it around the candle, and heat it with the hair dryer until it transfers. That actually sounds fairly simple.

Interestingly, there appears to be a whole art niche using Sharpies. I definitely plan to research that…..later.

I see that several of my fellow tweeters are now on Pinterest…. that’s great, and I hope more will follow. I enjoy seeing names I recognize now following my boards.

My “Free Things” board has lots of tutorials. I haven’t created too many boards because I’d rather focus on the ones I already have. With the exception of a new one soon for New Years’s. And I plan to move some of the recipes, etc. to standard boards after the holidays so those useful year around pins won’t be lost.

Meanwhile, I have shared tons of pins on the “Christmas” board, including hints for Secrets Santas, inexpensive gift ideas, all sorts of ornaments, and fantastic food ideas.

I have learned SO much from Pinterest. I am eager to create some of my findings.

My kids were here for Thanksgiving, and I am grateful they wanted to be here with me. They are all safely home again. Family is why we do the things we do – like working – to enrich the lives of those we love.

Hope you got to stuff enough….we sure did!

Catch you again soon –


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