Posted by: cynchat | September 28, 2012

Art Lesson

On Pinterest this morning, I’m researching glue art. Art doesn’t need to be complicated…and it should be fun! Some of the projects shown for children can be adapted for adults.

I posted a link on Twitter, and you can pick it up on the right side here too, that shows an artist on a talk show quickly doing a glue painting and then throwing glitter at it to reveal a portrait.

We saw some really GOOD artwork performed on America’s Got Talent this year. They had to work quickly.

Personally, I don’t want to work FAST. I just want to enjoy doing my project and like it when I’ve finisihed.

I’m considering doing some glue art for Christmas. I’ve pinned alot of things this morning onto Artistic Ideas. There are many ways of mixing media to use glue art. Colored Elmer’s Glue, glitters, adding crushed paper, foil, even just plain glue on a canvas. We can start with anything and just be creative. I plan to start with something simple, like squirting Elmer’s Glue onto wax paper and tossing some glitter on it to see if I can make a snowflake tree ornament. If that works well I can move on to other designs and colors for more ornaments.

Now I want to go back to Pinterest and see what I can find for hot glue gun art. I am interested in doing so many things! I printed off the list of what glue to use with what material. That’s on the same board too.

My day is quickly oozing away, so I’ll catch you again later!


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