Posted by: cynchat | September 27, 2012

Moving Forward…

It seems the WordPress problems have been resolved and I feel good about blogging again.

Autumn is showing its colors on Pinterest! I’ve pinned alot of beautiful scenes to Autumn.

Moving into Autumn we start thinking of Halloween. I’ve pinned all sorts of Halloween ideas there also…..costumes, recipes, decorating, parties, some nostalgia….all in the fun of that event. Today I pinned how to make glo-chalk, maybe pinned w/ Free Things, but I thought that was timely in conjunction with my earlier pin that said to melt a little chalk to color your HAIR…then it washes right out when the fun is over….so possibly glowing hair color for Halloween?? That would be fun!

One pin that particularly delighted me this morning was from someone who whittles clothespins into animal faces and adds a dash of color. They are terrific! I pinned that to Artistic Ideas. If I found some of those at a craft fair I’d want to purchase some of those.

Although people start shopping for Christmas in September, nobody wants to mention it ’til after Halloween. My Christmas board is adding great ideas daily because people started presenting them early. I will put up my Thanksgiving Board before long…plan to also do boards for “Button, Button”; “Nailed It!”; “Storms”; “Butterflies & Ladybugs” …but I don’t want to create too many boards.

Thank you for checking out my boards on Pinterest!

Enjoy the beauty of this season!


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