Posted by: cynchat | September 4, 2012

Well, I’ve Never…..!

….seen anything like that before! …or that, or that, or that either! So I’ve pinned alot of unique dwellings this morning! Strange, amazing…. makes me wonder how anyone even imagined anything like that before they built it!

One of them was a house on stilts and I have seen those… when we took a ferry ride along the coast of North Carolina. We ended up at Hags Head, where we saw houses on stilts. They’d been necessary there because of hurricanes. We were grateful that the weather for our tour was perfect.

Lovely Labor Day weekend. Holiday weekends kinda screw up my thinking all week, but that’s okay. We just have a Monday/Tuesday type day today. It was overcast and lovely here and a good day for a nap!

This is a good time for me to to decide what I really want to do, and fix myself a schedule of sorts to prioritize my bucket list, and schedule myself to accomplish many of the things I learned on Pinterest and want to do before Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ve printed off info and gathered supplies for creating, so now it’s time to start “doing.” I feel energized!

Time to “plan my work & work my plan!”

Have a great week!


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