Posted by: cynchat | September 3, 2012

Technology Rounded Out the Day –

Good pinning yest. Then checked out “Everything” and landed on Technology and viewed some stunning new concepts. But we are slow presenting these capabilities. I’d attended a convention mid-90’s and the program presented technologies we could expect by 2000… holographically trying on clothes….having wall sized interactive computers that could do quick research, plan a vacation complete with reservations, all live and by voice conversations. It suggested that vehicles might float above a magnetized highway, and were designed to never crash. HOWEVER, those things have not yet arrived. I’m sure we will be amazed at our future because technology is expanding so rapidly….compared to the 13 years it took technology to double in 1968 when we were first landing on the moon. Now technology advances faster than we can acquire it at the public level. I envision tremendous advances in health and healing. Given a choice of time period to live, I’ve always wanted to live in the future. Well, the future is NOW! And I’m grateful to have lived long enough to be able to witness this changing world. I am expecting to SEE it….and I’m excited!

Back to today – and right now, I am browsing my own pinterest boards to remind myself what I put on them and eliminate duplicates. I now know that I can rearrange them, but I’m not comfortable trying that quite yet….maybe soon.

One of my favorites and popular is “Autumn & Halloween” It’s still growing. Come check it out!

Happy Labor Day Weekend – God Bless!


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