Posted by: cynchat | September 2, 2012

I Didn’t Know That!

I learn SO much on Pinterest! That’s why it is SO addicting….can hardly wait to rush there to see what’s new from last time I was there…it updates constantly with info from those I follow as they pin.

This morning I’ve learned that butterflies need salt to reproduce, so if we’ll fix them a salt lick we’ll see more butterflies. Isn’t that cool?

I’d read that bananas ripen slower if connected at the stem; today I learned that you can cover the stem with foil so they will ripen even more slowly. Isn’t that cool?

I found several cute chuckles….the latest being a baby wearing a onsey saying “I am not allowed to date………ever!” Isn’t that cute? And exactly how we all feel about our babies.

I’ve pinned quite a few vintage pieces to “Autumn & Halloween” …..old, old magazine covers, etc.

I’m a firm believer that whatever I’m doing I intend to enjoy the day, and treasure every moment of my life. I don’t take things too seriously (unless they are) ….like Halloween is meant to just be a “fun” occasion.

So, new things on “Good Thinking” for you, and lots of goodies on “Free Things” …. with Pinterest I’ll never be bored!

I’m off – to see the Wizard, or whatever pops up!

Oh, before I forget….this is Labor Day weekend…. so have some special fun celebrating our love of the USA…I pinned a couple recipes in “God Bless America”


God Bless America &
God Bless bless us all!


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