Posted by: cynchat | September 1, 2012

Today’s Traveling

Pinned some new sites in Travel today. Popeye Village gave me a smile. There is Amish Autumn with an information link. I pinned the Maine video to “Free Things” because it is also a tutorial on scrapbooking. I am so grateful that I made scrapebooks of all our big trips, and even one with an array of smaller mini-vacations. It is great to go back and relive it, and refresh thinking about what was when and where. My vacation scrapbooks have become family heirlooms.

I’m finding lots of new Christmas ideas. The most popular ones have been the unique ones, like Eggnog Fudge, Eggnog Cookies, and anything else Eggnog too. There’s a red cheeseball in there somewhere, and a Houdini dessert too.

I’m constantly amazed at everything I’m learning!

Pinned several “Chuckles” today….some days are just more humorous than others.

So….it is Labor Day weekend now. Time doesn’t turn back for awhile yet, but now that kids are back in school, there will be a change of pace. Soon those leaves will be gorgeous and gently floating.

Today is a good day – Enjoy!


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