Posted by: cynchat | August 22, 2012

Continuing Education –

Every morning I rush off to see what new things I can learn! School as a child was never so exciting.

Crockpot Lasagna; a delightfully easy cherry dessert; new technology; free tutorials to teach me how to do all sorts of things, dozens of Halloween costumes and designing ideas; gifts to create inexpensively for Christmas; inspiration that brings a sigh; and humor to bring me morning chuckles…..all to be found in one place – Pinterest!

I’m learning SO much, and the best part is that I’m so eager to learn. More and more everyday. And the learning is so much more fun than it was in “school.”

So many things I want to make, to do, to see, places to go…..gorgeous places all around the world I haven’t seen yet. My Bucket List keeps growing. I probably need a plan….how to use all this valuable information I’m gathering. Like maybe “do” one of these new things every day. Yes, I think that will be a good plan!

Which “one” to do today? Start cutting strips for those projects from t-shirts….I’m planning to create scarves for Christmas gifts. Maybe. Or Cinnamon Roll Cake to go with my morning coffee. Maybe. Jello fruit squares for snacks… maybe.

While I’m mulling it over in my mind, I think I’ll browse around Pinterest a little more. Eventually I’ll choose which project will be my “homework” for today. Don’t know yet what the procedure is to earn a PhD in Pinning!

It’s a great day for learning new things –

God Bless!


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