Posted by: cynchat | August 21, 2012

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning…….!

…..bursting out in song….. but only after a pot of coffee! It is only 64 degrees this morning, and we can really enjoy a few days that are cooler. It actually has the feeling of fall some days now. School is starting. Right after Labor Day is a perfect time for people without children to travel…the tourist stops and businesses aren’t as crowded. It’s like someone flipped a switch on the other end of tourist season….it started over Memorial Weekend, school was getting out, people started vacations and it was like someone opened the flood gates! Aside from Christmas shopping, vacations brought the best business. People enjoy souvenirs from locations they saw and had planned extra cash for spending.

Checking out Pinterest this morning, there was a recipe for liquid chalk so kids can paint on the sidewalks. It’s good for them to start young being creative! Our Mother gave us a coffee can with some water in it and a paint brush. We were content to paint, and repaint as the sun dried it behind us. That brought back fun childhood memories. Sigh!

Another pin this morning designed a rock tile for the yard, and others painted critters on small rocks. That is another interesting project I want to do “someday” …. have read a couple really good books about painting on rocks.

Pink Panther made his appearance this morning, so I pinned him to “Chuckles” I always enjoyed him….the original one that didn’t talk.

It looks like it may be a good day to bake something! I have several goodies on my “to do” list – Cinnamon Roll Cake pops to mind. Doesn’t that sound good? And easy? I like that.

Well, I need a refill….and I’m not quite ready to sing yet, so I’ll get back to you with more goodies I find on Pinterest.

God Bless – have a great day!


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