Posted by: cynchat | August 19, 2012

Calgon, Take Me Away!

Do you remember that commercial?  That was definitely from the olden days!  Now I have Pinterest to take me away…..and engulf me in pleasures of beautiful places, fabulous foods, inspiration, and education.  I admit to be addicted, because it’s already afternoon!  I honestly do want to be able to pry myself away from Pinterest long enough to actually create some of the fabulous things I’ve pinned. 

Every visit to Pinterest is like a mini-vacation for me, taking me away from reality, like Calgon in times gone by.  I admit being an addict.  I find myself annoyed that I must take time to pull up and sort all of my several email accounts.  I’m always looking forward to my next fabulous find.

Is there a cure?     Would I really want it?
















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