Posted by: cynchat | August 16, 2012

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

…So I pin those great thought to “Good Thinkin-” so maybe I’ll remember it now…maybe.

Yesterday before I stopped pinning, I pinned quite a few intriguing street artist’s graffiti to “Artistic Ideas” ….it’s amazing what people think and share with the world. 

I always like recipes, but don’t pin those with lemon, strawberries or avacados, because I know I’ll never make them.  Really like crockpot cooking because it’s so hot. There are actually many yummy sounding desserts that can be made in the crockpot too. 

“Free Things” pinned today were suggestions for kid’s art – toes & feet; fingers & hands – all grandparents love creative art with little appendages stamped….paperwork, jewelry, garden stones, whatever….they’re inexpensive for parents to do, and always appreciated to receive….at least, that’s my opinion.  I “suggest” this so often it’s bordering on “nagging”….so kids, come on, take the hint please!

So much beauty with Autumn approaching… all those.  We’re seeing great ideas for Halloween and costumes, and decorating.  My “Christmas” board is also growing. And Christmas will be here before we turn around twice.

Now I need to stop blogging and pinning long enough to grate the lovely zucchini, so I’ll be able to make some good Zucchini Bread and Cake later.  And one of these days I’ll bake that Cinnamon Roll Cake that I pinned!  Wish I had some now to be enjoying with my morning coffee!

I love learning…am sure that’s why I love Pinterest!  On my Twitter, there are Lists by categories filled with awesome info too!  It’s a wonder anybody ever gets any work done!

Learn alot; have a great day! 


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